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DIY Kits

These Do It Yourself Kits will allow you to build a working unit very simply. NJD Dub Siren, Echo or Delay, Reverb or Power Supply, we propose a variety of Kits specially designed for their originality and their ease of building. The D.I.Y kits allows you to build unique machines (Dub sirens, ect..) yourself, and moreover, it enables the builder to modify it as an unique creation ! That's what all of this is about, even when buying the same kit, two people can choose to assemble it in a different casing adding their own individual touch to it. The first kit we have developped is a Dub Siren kit. As it was not existing at that time, it allowed many music producers to build their own machine and, for a few of them, it was an introduction to electronics. We have then gone on and we continue the development of kits for musicians and music producers like effects, sound generators, ect...

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