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The Original Digital Dub Siren !

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The Original Digital Dub Siren !

This unit is a 100% original design ! Like firsts digital soundeffect units used by Soundsystems in the early years, it uses separate push buttons to trigger the various modulations and thus allows the production of many different sounds !

However, this is definitly not a sampler ! This machine is a real digital siren :  The sound-generation parameters can be set independently (Modulation Speed, Pitch, Sound Shape, and this for each sound). Thus allows the user to play on every of these parameters while staying easy-to-use (1 push button for 1 sound).

/!\ V2 UPDATE : The V2 adds clearer "Sound Shapes" and the ability to use 2 push buttons to combine 2 Modulation Sounds.

DIGISIREN V2 Demo Video :


Features :

- Sound Pitch (Tone)
- Modulation Speed (Speed)
- Output Volume
- Sound Shape (3 positions)
- 10 Push buttons to trigger the sounds

For more information, see the datasheet below.


Mains Power Transformer Included (EU plug) !

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